3 Workout Clothes that help you Lose Weight

When it comes to weight loss usually getting motivated to start working out and sticking to the plan is the key. But what you wear for your work out sessions also matters as it will help you forge ahead. At work or at home, having motivational wallpapers may do the trick, but when you are actually there sweating your fats off what will actually keep you going and give you an extra boost is your workout outfit. The secret behind ditching your jitters for workout starts with the gear you wear. Going by this principle comfy workout outfits increases the chances of you seeing your plans through. But how to choose the best workout clothes is the big question here… so here we are to help you out.

  1. Best fit

Outfits that fit nicely without binding up at the joints and still giving ample room to move freely are important. The finest workout clothes wick sweat away from the skin to keep you comfy and dry. Big loose cotton t-shirts and elastic waistbands may be cozy but it’s time to ditch those and get into clothes are more fitted. Loose clothing makes you forget how many fats you have put which works against you in terms of motivation. Fitted tees and pants that are stretchable will give you a sense of your body and inspiration too. You may go for tights and leggings. During winters, its best to opt for thin windproof and waterproof outfit worn in layers that can easily be removed when body warms up.

  1. Look out for body odor

They say a good stench and heavy sweat is an evidence of a good workout. But sometimes you need to look out that you smell fresh post workout, if you’re, say, going to grab a coffee with your gym buddy after the tiring workout. Deodorant might do the trick by cutting the stench, but won’t make you feel fresh. Luckily your workout clothes can help you avoid the stench and stay fresh at the same time. Try quick-drying and lightweight synthetics or moisture-absorbing fabrics that are specially designed to draw the extra sweat for evaporation and keep your body cool.  Clothing made out of fabrics that contains polypropylene is a good option for workout where you are likely to sweat a lot.

  1. Compression gears

During your weight loss journey, loose skin around your thighs, tummy, and the arms can put you off and affect your performance. But you have to determine if it’s going to pull you down or not. You can opt for compression gears in that case. These are body shaping garments and more than that helps in blood flow concentration, absorbing sweat, and body control too. It also helps you to burn more calories during your exercise routine. It will provide support to your body both during and after the exercise and minimize muscle damage. Consequently you will be able to work out longer and burn more calories if your muscles feel better. It will also help with body control, if you’ve got a jiggly (I mean loose) thighs, compression gears will hold it all in. Lastly, the biggest advantage of a compression garment is it facilitates blood flow efficiently through the muscles helping Oxygen to reach all over the body, taking carbs(glycogen) to the muscles and lactic acid away from them. As blood flow does it all added squeezes at the right locations certainly helps.

Now tell us would you get out of your Pj’s, grab some of the finest workout clothes and start burning off those fats now?