Nutrispell+ is a skin whitening and lightening age old ayurvedic formula which not only reduces melanin (a pigment responsible for skin color), hyper pigmentation but also cures all skin ailments like acne, liver spots, wrinkles, age spots, acne marks, dark circles.


The Nutrispell+ is enriched with 9 essential oils and herbal extracts like rosehip, walnut, saffron and red sandalwood. Continued usage of Nutrispell+ also removes sunburns, sunspots and melasma.


  1. Saffron: Saffron essential oil slows aging process and lightens skin effectively.
  2. Red Sandalwood: Red Sandalwood essential oil reduces the visible skin lines and marks swiftly, improving your complexion. It fades away scar marks and also hydrates dry skin tone.
  3. Rosehip: Rosehip essential oil is rich in linoleic acid which keeps your skin healthy, supple and young.
  4. Walnut: Walnut essential oil protects the skin from wrinkles and guards the skin cells from the harmful effects of pollution. It’s Vitamin E and Ellagic acid removes skin lines and unsaturated fatty acids moisturizes the skin.

Besides these, there are other 9 equally effective herbal extracts and essential oils used in the Nutrispell+ formula which is boon for skin.