How Does NUTRISPELL+ Work?

Unique combination of essential oils and herbal extracts

Know more about your skin The surface of our skin doesn’t look very complex but that outer layer-our epidermis-is just one part of truly intricate organ that performs many essential functions. The skin is the largest organ in our body and its primary purpose is to cover and protect rest of the body from light, heat, injury and infection. Our Unique combination of essential oils and herbal extracts, deeply penetrates into the skin layers curing skin problems deep within and whiten and brighten the skin within some weeks.


The skin is made up of three main layers- epidermis, dermis and subcutaneous tissue.

Epidermis – outermost layer of your skin which is further has 3 sub layers – outer stratum corneum, middle squamous cell layer, and the bottom cell layer. Stratum corneum is visible layer of epidermis which is actually a layer of dead skin cells immediately on skin’s surface. This layer uses the protein called keratin to form tough barrier between outside world and more vulnerable cells inside the skin and body.

The following types of cells makeup the epidermis:

Basal cells are at bottom of epidermis and continually reproduce to form new keratinocytes Keratinocytes or squamous cells are in middle layer of epidermis and produce keratin. Keratin also used to produce hairs and nails. Melanocytes make melanin, the pigment that provides colour to the skin. People with darker skin have melanocytes that produce more melanin. Exposure to sunlight also can increase melanin production, causing freckles or suntan.

Langerhans cells part of body’s immune system and help fight of infection.

Now, melanin which is skin pigment in Greek word pronounced as melas means dark, black is natural pigment produced by specialized group of cells known as melanocytes, which already mentioned above.

3 basic types of melanin – eumelanin, pheomelanin and neuromelanin

But most common type is eumelanin which is again 2 types – brown eumelanin and black eumelanin

In the skin melanogenesis occurs after exposure to uv radiation causing the skin visibly tan as melanin is an effective absorber of light and 99.9% of absorbed uv radiation that cause lot of skin issues like pigmentation, sunburns, sunspots, ageing etc.

Nutrispell+ skin lightening oil not only reduces sunspots, sunburns, melasma, melanin, hyper pigmentation and all skin problems caused due to exposure to sun , some diseases or other factors but also protects it from further damage as it directly and deeply penetrate into small to smallest pores of cells and renew it and protect it and diminish the problem from inside not from outer layer.

It enters into pores of epidermis which has visible dead skin layer, on the outer surface of skin called stratum corneum. Then drive to basal cells to renew and reactivate new skin cells then penetrates to deep layer of melanocyte cells where melanin produces, hence, destroy it and keep forming new cells which then visible to outer layer of skin by clearing dead skin cells and hence, fair glowing youthful skin and further use of this oil also protects it from further environmental damage.