New Samsung S6 rumoured to release shortly with a dynamic camera

The new Samsung device is being expected in only a few weeks and most of the loyal customers of Samsung have been waiting for this new device because it is supposed to come with a mind blowing camera. The camera of Samsung has evolved numerous times when you consider the company’s journey from Galaxy S to where it has reached now. The newer models have been incorporated with HDR and autofocus technologies and S5 without a doubt has one of the best cameras in the market right now compared to rival smartphones.
Recently the company’s spokesperson was interviewed and he expressed his intentions to improve the front camera of the phones of Samsung, and these intentions were clearly seen when Samsung released the A series where all the phones came with 5 megapixel front cameras. This is a hint that Samsung Galaxy S6 would also probably come with a dynamic front facing camera. Either it would be a 5 megapixel camera or even better considering Samsung’s vision of continuous improvement. It was also revealed that before released a phone with a certain camera, the company makes sure that it is tested in all conditions. These tests take place after around 10,000 snapshots in a variety of lighting conditions to make sure that the camera performance is not compromised in any scenario.
Initially Apple’s iPhone was considered the best smartphone in terms of camera and this was true and is still possibly true in the current scenario. This was mainly because it took the best photos when a user merely just taps on the screen. There is no need for the user to focus, although some further features are available as well if the users tap. Samsung has learned such techniques from Apple and is currently on its way to create one of the best cameras in the market.
The new Samsung S6 will come in two versions, one will come with a metallic body while the other will be in a screen, and both versions of the phone will come with a similar screen size of 5.1 inches. The version with the wrapping screen will similar to the Note 4 Edge that was released recently. It was a great innovation on part of Samsung and was praised widely. While Edge had a wrapped screen on just one side of the phone, the new S6 will have such screen on both sides of the phone.